Residents of Troy Village Road
Garlic Mustard Eradication and Restoration Plan
November 2006
Updated 05/09







Estimated COSTS



Year 0

November 2006

Scout, flag populations, and treat Garlic Mustard  – primary target: downside of road


Contract -
Jack Seifert

Year 1

Spring (April), Fall (October)

NO Fall eradication due to early snows.

·       Patrolled areas, flagged new areas, sprayed with herbicide as needed
4/21/07 -Sprayed. New plants 1-3ft from initial flagging and spraying.  A large number of plants appear in the last cement fill area near the bottom of the road.
5/05/07 -Sprayed and pulled a few blooming plants.  A large number of seedlings were found, plus a few blooming plants in new areas.  The plant is moving farther into Coen's woods.

·       Purchased Roundup/ Herbicide *

·       Purchased and posted multi-year reusable weatherproof sign at the bottom of Troy Village Rd. (03/07)
"GARLIC MUSTARD  - Do Not Mow This Road"
5/24/07 -Mowed.  Despite sign and letters to the Board the road was mowed.

·       Contacted the Town of Troy Board as to our “No mowing request” and the reasons for it.  (Letter sent 4/2/07)





$ 54.00




Troy Village

Year 2

Spring (March)

NO Fall eradication due to early snows.

·       Patrolled and flagged new areas, sprayed with herbicide as needed
4/27/08 - pulled and sprayed.  Cement fill areas are  full of garlic mustard.  Other areas improving.

·    Fall patrol did not happen due to the weather conditions.



Troy Village
(Linda, Jim)

Year 3
Spring (May),
Fall (October ?)
·     5/9 -Pulled garlic mustard.  Stuffed 4 seed sacks (#50) full of  plants.  Areas much improved.  One bad spot remains in the cement fill area ,and at the top of the road there are several patches with lots of seedlings. 

·     5/16- More garlic mustard spotted.  Spotted in 2 new areas. (But they can be contained.)  I tackled the new spot on the upside of the hill.  Need help with the big outbreak in the ditch near the bottom of the road.


  Troy Village

Year 4

Spring (May),
Fall (October ?)



May - Areas along the road and the cement fill area keep improving.

New controlled outbreak - the ditch at the bottom of the road by the dog kennels

New out-of-control outbreak -  The heavy rains have spread the seed down the hill.  There is a huge patch going towards the gully.


Troy Village

Year 5+

Spring (March), Fall (October)

·       Controlled burn of the roadside to reduce the total number of invasive plants besides Garlic Mustard (canary reed grass, day lilies, burdock, brambles…)

·       Reseed area with donated native wildflower and grass seeds.

·       Patrol areas, spray with herbicide as needed or pull


Troy Village

Year 0-5+

Various Dates

·       Progress Mailings / Correspondence to Residents & Town of Troy***

$ 30.00

Troy Village



Estimated Cost



* Approximate cost for 1 gallon concentrated herbicide.  Rate of use will be determined by the number and size of outbreaks.
** Sign(s) will be posted for a minimum of 4 years.

*** Correspondence with residents will be done through e-mail and web site to minimize expenses.


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Garlic Mustard
Garlic Mustard Flagged (2006)
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