Progress Report - 2010
Troy Village Road, Spring Green WI


Garlic Mustard

Eradication Progress


5/10 - Garlic Mustard Spring Pulling
The original areas keep improving.  It felt good to be filling grocery sacks instead of 50# sunflower seed sacks.

My concerns from last year have come true.  :-(
The 2008 downpours spread the seed and I didn't spot the first year plants in 2009.
The new area is thick with garlic mustard. It has reached the edge of the gully.  I pulled and bagged what I could and then informed the caretaker that there was more to be pulled.
Also the ditch at the bottom of the hill by the dog kennels had more than expected.


1/11 - Garlic Mustard Update
No further pulling or spraying of garlic mustard  was done beyond my work in May.
This month the area was logged extensively.  The logging machinery were everywhere leaving tracks and a 'mess' in their wake.
I would expect garlic mustard seeds to have been spread about.

This land isn't mine but I'm trying to control/eradicate the garlic mustard so it doesn't reach my Land.
How much time can I devote to it?  How can I get others (landowner, neighbors) to share my concern and help eradicate?

May Outbreak

January 2011 -The Garlic Mustard Area after Logging


Troy Village Rd
Garlic Mustard
Garlic Mustard Flagged (2006)
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