Progress Report - 2009
Troy Village Road, Spring Green WI


Garlic Mustard

Eradication Progress


5/09/09 - Garlic Mustard Spring Pulling
With recent rains the ground was soft and the garlic mustard was tall making for easy pulling. It was starting to bloom. Stuffed 4 seed sacks (#50) full of plants.  The infected areas are greatly improved.  No new areas spotted.  One bad area remains in a hard to get to steep area filled with cement blocks.  Found more little seedlings than expected up near the top of Troy Village Road.  Will re-look at those areas in a couple weeks plus spray burdock.

Last year's spring downpours resulted  in a lot of water running down Troy Village Rd; I'm concerned seeds may have been transplanted to new areas.


5/16/09 - Garlic Mustard Spring Pulling
I spoke too soon about not spotting new areas.  I was able to get to the blooming plants in these pictures.  The cement/junk fill is very unstable.  Walked the entire road from top to bottom.  Found a few more blooming plants and a small new area on the upside of the road. Worked on spraying burdock and cow parsnip.  To my dismay I found a big patch of Garlic Mustard in the ditch between the brown A-Frame and Schultz's house.  I pulled a total of 2 bags but am hoping to get other residents to help tackle the new area.

How long can we hold off this GM attack?  I am seeing it more and more along Highway 60.



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Garlic Mustard
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