Progress Report - 2007
Troy Village Road, Spring Green WI


Garlic Mustard

Eradication Progress


4/21/07 - Garlic Mustard Spring Spraying
New plants appear 1-3ft from initial spraying/flagging.
Heavy growth area in the steep cement fill area near the bottom length of the road.


5/05/07 -Sprayed and pulled a few blooming plants.  A large number of seedlings were found, plus a few blooming plants in new areas.  The plant is moving farther into Cohen's woods.


5/24/07 -Road Mowed - 3 foot wide strip  Despite sign and letters to the Board the road was mowed. 


6/13/07-  Road Mowed - 8 ft wide strip! (See picture.) Many of the  garlic mustard colonies are in the 5 - 10 ft range from the edge of the road.  Orange and white flags noting these areas were destroyed by the mower for the entire length of the road.  Any garlic mustard that flowered now has its seeds spread with the help of this mowing.  :-(

How can we win the battle against garlic mustard if our Town Board and patrolman are unwilling to help?  They are spreading the garlic mustard, but we are the ones putting in the time and money to do the long-term eradication.   Please write and call the members of the Town Board, or attend one of their monthly meetings and speak out.

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6/13/07-  Sprayed a number of  small plants along the top and bottom length of the road.  Noted a few mature plants with seeds. Also sprayed a growing number of burdock plants.

Fall 2007-  Due to early snowstorms no pulling or spraying was done.




Troy Village Rd
Garlic Mustard
Garlic Mustard Flagged (2006)
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