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Southeastern Colorado: Searching for Family Roots
Tobe, CO
Where Hwy 160 bends, look for the only tree in sight for miles.
Parker Cemetery
Road 169 - West of Tobe
Couple miles north take the pasture trail on your right
and head towards the windmill.
Look for the cemetery on the little hill.
How did this cemetery end up being in the middle of a pasture?
(Two headstones belong to the Parker family.)
Old irises still bloom around the graves.
The Dixons - Great Grandparents
Laura Haddox Dixon - Died 1950
E.B. Dixon - Died 1935
Two of their children and also a grandbaby are buried there.
William John Dixon - Died in WWI?
George Dixon - Died in 1924 from appendicitis.
J.B. Dixon - Infant
Green Pitaya Cactus
These cacti along with pear cacti were growing throughout the cemetery.

Thank you to the 4-H Club for volunteering a day to clean up the 2 cemeteries before we arrived.  And a special thanks to Kay, my long lost college friend, who just happens to live in Kim nowadays!!


Help stop the military expansion of Pinon Canyon!  Destruction of this beautiful area of southeastern Colorado can never be replaced. For information on how you can help, please visit the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition at www.pinoncanyon.com.