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Northeastern Colorado
Southeastern Colorado
Santa Fe, NM

Custer St. Park - Bison Roundup, SD
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Southeastern Colorado: Searching for Family Roots
Where the Antelope play....and cemeteries have long been abandoned.
Plum Valley Cemetery
Plum Valley Cemetery
Villegreen Rd (179) - West of Kim, CO
No one remembers any plum trees.
Nothing remains of Villegreen (where my mother was born)
 or the Plum Valley Church.
Mettie Francis White
Died either in childbirth or from tuberculosis (haven't confirmed).
The Brown Family
Mother & 2 Children died from eating a bad jar of canned beets.
The Father was away that day.
My aunts remember not eating canned beets
for quite a long time after that.

Help stop the military expansion of Pinon Canyon!  Destruction of this beautiful area of southeastern Colorado can never be replaced.  For information on how you can help, please visit the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition at www.pinoncanyon.com.

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