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May 28, 2007

Mr. Iausly,

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the phone the other day. I appreciate your willingness to clarify details of the upcoming Plan Commission meeting on June 5th at 7pm. Attached to this message you should find a .pdf file which is my attempt at clarify my concerns and desires pertaining to the short presentation by Mr. Cupp that you have confirmed will be on the agenda. My understanding is that format of the meeting could allow for a vote directly after the presentation without allowing for any public comment first. Therefore, will you please share this email and attached file with the other town officials prior to the meeting and reply to me so I can confirm that you’ve received them ok.

Everyone can educate themselves at this web page also:

Feel free to call me at any time with questions:  608-575-0325


Timm Zumm

The following is an open letter to all citizens and government officials involved with the process of having Highway 60 become Wisconsin’s first State Scenic Byway. Please educate yourself by taking the virtual tour and reading the information available at this web page: (Feel free to contact me directly if you have technical difficulties and require hard copy)

I am a resident of the Town of Spring Green in Sauk County, Wisconsin and I am a cochair of the “Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway” (FLOW). I would like to take a few moments to clarify that FLOW is a volunteer group of people from many different walks of life who are involved with matters concerning our riverway. On occasion people and news media have confused FLOW with a state agency: the “Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board” (LWSRB). The LWSRB is a completely separate entity from the FLOW. To say it another way…FLOW has no official say in the LWSRB and visa versa. In fact…the two entities do not always agree on specific issues.

The co-chairs of FLOW have always encouraged our members to disagree respectfully in controversial situations and offer to work with those who have opposing views in a mature, civilized manner. We work hard to establish on-going working relationships instead of adversarial relationships.

I recently sent an email message to the people on the FLOW email list and local media asking for concerned citizens to take action by letting their representatives in government know how they feel about the Highway 60 Scenic Byway project. Based on some feedback I’ve received I feel it is necessary to state the following:

I want to be perfectly clear that my intention was to convey a “sense of urgency” for people to become involved, (whether they agree or disagree with the project). My message was definitely not a call for people to become confrontational or antagonistic with authorities! I also want to be perfectly clear that I did this without any communication with the LWSRB. You have my permission to point all fingers of blame directly at me for any confusion I may have caused. I apologize if my attempt at keeping the message brief has caused you concern.

Now that I’ve hopefully cleared all that up, I’d like to address the authorities reading this letter:

I respectfully request that before you call a vote… you educate yourself thoroughly about the State Scenic Byway project. Please allow ample time discuss the pros and cons of this project with the presenter. Please allow ample time for public input. I request that you once again go through the painstaking process of comparing a request to the intent of the Smart Growth Plan of your community.


Timm Zumm
Phone: 608-575-0325
E5392 Jones Road
Spring Green, WI 53588