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May 25, 2007


To all concerned citizens,


Mr. Mark Cupp has been working very hard on the process of having OUR unique and beautiful State Highway 60 from the Interstate at Lodi to the Mississippi River established Wisconsin's FIRST official SCENIC BYWAY.


To date, most municipalities along the road have welcomed the idea and are thrilled at the prospect. For some reason... the Town and Village of Spring Green and Sauk County authorities are resistant to allowing Mr. Cupp to make a presentation.


I believe it is time for all concerned citizens to contact their elected officials and insist upon giving Mr. Cupp a time slot to share the details about this program and then allow for public input in the decision making process. Please contact them NOW as individuals and as groups.


You can view a virtual tour and educate yourself by clicking the links at this web page:


Feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns also:

Timm Zumm   Co-chair: Friends of the Lower WI Riverway (FLOW)

Email:    Phone: 608-575-0325

E5392 Jones Road

Spring Green, WI  53588