Why did the turtle cross the road?

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Blanding's Turtles

Mother Blanding had made her nest between the goldenrod and bluestem outside my office window in late June.
By chance we were sitting on the porch when we noticed little turtles in the same area we had seen the mother 2 months earlier.

Blanding's Turtle (baby) Blanding's Turtle (baby)

Over the next 12 hours we found 4 hatchlings.
We named them Ralph, Norton, Alice and Trixie. (And they each had a personality.)
Since Blandings are on the threatened list we made a call to a Turtle expert for advice.
He suggested we release them down at Long's Lake.


After hours of enjoyment,
and friends coming by to get a rare glimpse at baby Blandings,
we released them near the shore of Long's Lake.

Hopefully the turtles will be able to grow old in the lake
and we'll get a glimpse of them when we come by in the canoe!

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