Political Signs Along Highway 60
Reporter: Mark Culverhouse 9/6/2020

Highway 60 travels through Sauk County from east to west. Starting at Prairie du Sac you cross over the Wisconsin River. Highway 60 goes south through Sauk City then west along the north bank of the Wisconsin River through Spring Green and finally Lone Rock. Some of the political signs along the Scenic Byway are shown below. Most are patriotic. Some are disturbing given the burning and looting in the State's Capitol Madison and in Kenosha.

On the right in Sauk City are signs for Democrats and a multi-colored sign with many different slogans.
Black Lives Matter News

Democrat and Goofy Signs

Black Lives Matter News
Goofy Sign

While Democrats embrace BLM burning, looting and violence, Trump supporters celebrate the real diversity of America.

"BLM Riot Turns Into MAGA YMCA Dance Party"

On the right in Sauk City directly across from the Sauk Prairie Police Department is a large banner that covered the entire house during the Fourth of July Holiday and several weeks afterwards.
Black Lives Matter News

Black Lives Matter Sign

Turning right on the corner by the bridge in Sauk City is a banner supporting the Heroes in Blue, our law enforcement officers.

Support the Blue Sign

If you miss the turn and go straight you might see the "Don't Tread on Me" flag, the Christian flag and the upside down US flag signalling distress.

Don't Tread on Me, Christian, Distress Flags

To the west just outside of Sauk City, Highway 60 turns left through the cornfields. You will start to see the signs put up by the farmers.

Trump Flag Display

Further west the cornfields are left behind as you enter the Cassel bluffs marking the north of the Wisconsin River valley. Below are a line of signs supporting Democrat candidates and causes.

Democrat Signs

Black Lives Matter News
Democrat Supports Black Lives Matter
Next door to BLM sign are farmer, Trump and Christian signs.

Farmer, Trump and Christian signs