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My brother Sgt. Ross Culverhouse

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We were in Viet Nam at the same time.


Mark-4 and Ross-5

Here is a local newspaper article published when my brother got his first Purple Heart in his first month in Viet Nam. He would also receive a second Purple Heart later in his tour. The article mentions that I would graduate from Basic Training on August 17, 1967.

This is a frame from an 8mm home movie that was made while Ross was driving me back to LZ Nancy from Phu Bai. This was in the first week of October, 1968. B Company was pulling guard on the perimeter of LZ Nancy. One afternoon, I left LZ Nancy without permission and hitchhiked to Phu Bai to find my brother. I found the 1st Aviation Brigade and my brother Ross. Ross drove me back to LZ Nancy the next day. Here we were waiting to get over the bridge in Hue.

When I got back to my foxhole at LZ Nancy, I was told to report to the platoon CP. There my platoon leader gave me a copy of my orders promoting me from PFC to Spec. 4. He also told me to report to the Company CP because I had been reported AWOL for being gone the night before. I walked over to the Company CP and reported to the First Sgt. He yelled at me because I was wearing my surfer shirt under my jungle fatigue shirt. He told me to go outside and talk it off. I re-entered the CP tent and reported to the Company Commander.

CO: "What rank are you, soldier?"

"Spec 4, Sir.", I said thinking that I had been a Spec. 4 for only the past 10 minutes.

CO: "You aren't fit to be a Spec 4! You're busted to PFC!"

So I had been promoted from PFC to Spec 4 and busted back to PFC again within 10 minutes. I wonder if that was some kind of record. Of course, I thought it was worth it. After all, I got to see my brother in a combat zone.

This is a copy of a letter that I wrote while in Viet Nam to my brother who was also in Viet Nam. The letter was written on August 26, 1968. The first paragraph I mention that I submitted a request to be transferred to my brother's unit. In the second paragraph, I mentioned that Lt. Kenny, a platoon leader in B Company 2/5, knew my brother Ross in OCS (Officer Candidate School). My brother was kicked out of OCS for ordering a pizza delivered to the barracks. From there, Ross got orders for Viet Nam. Those orders, which Ross still has a copy of, were issued on April 14, 1967 which was the same day or the day after I volunteered for the draft at my draft board office after turning 18 years old.

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