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Army Ribbons, Patches, Insignia, Badges, Etc.

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Private E-1
June 13, 1967

Private E-2
September, 1967

Private First Class E-3
January 3, 1968

Highest rank
Specialist 4th Class E-4
October 3, 1968


Military Occupation Specialty, Qualifications

Basic: Ft. Leonard Wood Infantry: Ft. Ord M-14, M-16, Asst Gunner M-60

11B20 - Light Weapons Infantry

B 2/5 1st Squad 1st Platoon

Combat Infantry Badge

Sharpshooter Qualification Badge
Sharpshooter (M-14)


Division Unit Patches and Insignia

2nd ID Patch C Co. 1/9
2nd Infantry Division - Korea
C Co. 1/9 - 11/67 to 3/68

Imjin Scout Insignia April 1968 Korean DMZ Missions

Korean DMZ

B 2/5 1st Squad 1st Platoon
1st Air Cavalry Division - Viet Nam
B Co. 2/5 - 4/68 to 11/68
7th Division Honor Guard
7th Infantry Division - Korea
Div. Honor Guard. - 11/68 to 3/69



National Defense Service Medal
C 1/9 Inf DMZ when USS Pueblo was taken
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Korea)
B 2/5 Cav 1st Squad 1st Platoon
Viet Nam Service Medal
B 2/5 Cav 1st Squad 1st Platoon
Republic of Viet Nam Campaign Medal
Combat Assaults with B 2/5
Combat Air Medal

Total Active Service:   1 year 9 months 2 days
Total Foreign Service: 1 year 4 months 7 days

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