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Prayer written by Allan "JB" Jablonski

Delivered at the B Company 2/5 Cav Reunion


Almighty God of the dead and of the living, we come unto You in a prayer of memory for our Battlefield Brothers who died in service of our great country.

We thank You for the lives of these men whom we today commemorate. Their sacrifice shines down through the years upon us and lightens our path for the future. In the time of this reunion help us to walk in the memory of their sacrifice.

Grant this nation power and vision to maintain the peace for which these men died, and to work with You for a world where there shall be no more slaughter of man by man, where the war drums no longer throb, and the battle flags are furled.

Teach this nation to love men of every race, color, and language as our own brethren. The glorious ones who died gave their lives as a sacrifice for their nation and they died for peace.

Dear Lord, America needs Your guidance and blessing today as the fight for freedom is carried on around the world.

We not only pray for our departed Patriots, but we thank You for all gathered here who answered our country's call to arms and risked their lives so that the principles of our beloved country might survive.

And Father, we thank You for the friendship we are renewing at this reunion, the memories of healing, and ask we may leave with the happiness and contentment in our hearts as a result of this time together.

We pray, Almighty God, All-loving Father, give restful sleep and rest to the souls of our Patriots who have gone before us. Send angels to protect those young Americans on the battlefield today doing just as we did in our youths in love of country.

Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. These are Divinely spoken words and clearly depict the charitable contribution of the life of our departed patriots. Like the departed, we willingly risked our lives also at the altar of sacrifice, so that the principles of our beloved country might survive.

We pray, Almighty God, All-loving Father, give rest to the souls of our departed Patriots who have returned to God. Grant also that each one of us here today may return to You in confidence and faith in that parting hour that, having fought the good fight, we can say with St. Paul that we have attained the reward of everlasting happiness in You and Your Angels.

In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

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