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Jose Alvarez-Nieves in FOB (Forward observation base) in graveyard

Jaime Bosco; someone setting up trip flares(?)

Bosco, Alvarez, Aaron Feder

Aaron Feder, Mark Culverhouse cleaning the M-60; Feder was gunner before Del Wilder

Feder, Unknown (Mark: Peterson? Gary Spreng: Ron J. "Frenchie" Levesque of Bangor, Maine??), Carrie Matson

Daniel Duenas. Del Wilder and Gilford in background.

Del Wilder and Mark

Sgt. Jerry Rohr

Scott Gray and Mark

Mark taking a break on patrol

North Bridge

This photo was given to me by Del Wilder in March 2007. It is on the bottom of page 145 of Jerry Rohr's book "Lives on Hold".
The photo was taken in July 1968.
Standing L-R: Cherry Modden, Mark Culverhouse, Scott Gray, Dennis Wirt, Jerry Rohr.
Kneeling L-R: Will Gilford, Jaime Bosco, Jose Alvarez-Nieves, Jim Kuhn.
Sitting: Del Wilder.

This photo was also given to me by Del Wilder when I visited in March 2007.
Standing L-R: Mark Culverhouse, Unknown (can't remember), Del Wilder, Jaime Bosco, Robert Young.
Kneeling Jose Alvarez-Nieves.

Front- Adrian Sandoval, Back - John Peterson, Right - Allan "JB" Jablonski.
I was reunited with Allan Jablonski on July 19, 2007. This photo was sent to me by Sgt. Jerry Rohr.

Scott Gray-Left, Ted Noad-back right, Jim Kuhn kneeling right, (John Peterson?) - middle. This photo was sent to me by Sgt. Jerry Rohr.

Doc John Nagle, medic, treating a wounded VC at LZ Jane in 1968. This photo was sent to me by Jerry Rohr in May 2010. It was taken by Wayne Porter.

There were more members of the 1st Platoon. These are the pictures that I brought home and that survived since then.

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