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Ken Gorman Remembered

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In the early 1990's I was a hemp activist in Denver, Colorado. There was a dedicated band of activists that made the struggle more enjoyable. Ken Gorman was a member of that group. Ken Gorman was murdered, shot to death in the living room of his home in Denver on Saturday February 15, 2007.

Ken's passing is a tragic loss. He fought to change the laws to prevent acts like the one that took him.

The pages of this album contain photographs I have of Ken and friends. I will try to maintain the links below as news of his murder becomes available.

Breakfast Before the Rally

Another Saturday hemp rally at the State Capitol in downtown Denver. We would usually meet at the Walnut Cafe around the corner on Colfax Avenue and discuss the strategy for the day.

L-R Mark Culverhouse (wearing 1st Cav patch), Dominic, Ken Gorman, Jerry Ives.

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LinksThree years after his murder, memories of Ken Gorman -- Colorado's most vocal pot activist -- have gone up in smoke