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Bite Information
MyBite#: 2463
Date Bitten: 5/27/2006 Body Part: Leg - Thigh
City: State/Country: Kansas
Found Spider: Yes Severity of Bite: 3 - Severe
Recurring Bite: No Pet Story: No
Medications: Antibiotics, Darvocet, Methylprednisolone

Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Date Photo Taken: 6/1/2006

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Hello Spider Bitees and Others,

My story is similar to others...I am still not sure what should have been the best treatment for it. Here is my story: I felt a sting on my right thigh on May 27th...ripped my jeans off and a spider crawled out. I put it in a jar and it was a Brown Recluse Spider by all appearances. I had two little bite marks which didn't give any trouble for 24 hours...then started to get a red itchy rash within a 6" area on my thigh. I started putting some homeopathic oils on it that my brother-in-law had and it did help the itching and the redness for a while.
3rd day: I had pain that felt like a knife in my thigh muscle off and on. I went to the dr and was put on steroids and antibiotic. Over the next ten days it turned dark red, splotches of white and purple over an 8" area. I did not sleep thru the night due to pain whenever I laid down. Every hour would have to get up and "walk it off". I ran out of steroids and the site became covered with red and brown colored blisters. It was hard underneath but I did not have the black core that many talk about. Mine seemed to spread out. I went back to the dr and gave me more steroids and Darvocet for pain. Nothing I have found will relieve the pain once it starts.

14 days: After two weeks the bite site is smaller and the blisters have shrunk down but still have the piercing pain off and on. There is a 3" area that is hard underneath. Cannot sit in an office chair or lay down for more than 30 minutes or so. The first dr I went to told me to put heat pad on it; The next dr I saw said I should have put ice on it and not heat; A nurse that I know said hers became black and horrible requiring surgery because she used ice! I still don't know what should have been done. Does anyone have a remedy for sleeping. I am told the blood is "pooling" and that is causing the pain. Will update later.

Update: (31 days later) I have a uneven 3" hard indented blackish scab I am dealing with now. Not much oozing. Still have some sharp pain every so often but much better and can sleep thru the night. I am off the meds except for occasional Tylenol. This was the worst and longest pain I have experienced so far in life.

45 days: Still have a 2" "scab" with surrounding open tissue that is oozing. Went to dr and he cut off the scab (very painful!) and said it would heal faster. Gave me Silvadene to apply.

55 days: Still an open wound that looks like "raw meat" but it is healing from the edges and getting smaller. Have to keep it covered at all times as air, water, or anything causes alot of pain since it is open. See picture.

One year later: The scar area is about 1"x2" area and at times can still become irritated.

My advice: get IMMEDIATE attention; I put it off several days and I think the steroids would have helped if I had taken them sooner. The medical professionals are a little lax with this. I guess they need to experience a bite themselves to know our pain. I also think maybe I should have slowed down a little right after the bite. I am wondering if the activity of normal day to day things made the venom spread?

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