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I was bitten by a Brown  Recluse Spider in 1996. One of the first pictures I took using my first digital camera was of the spider bite on my arm. After I had recovered I put the picture and story of my bite on my web site. Almost immediately, I started to receive emails from other people who had been bitten. I started adding their comments and pictures to my web page. The number of messages increased and soon the page grew too large to add any more messages. I put the messages in a database and put a message search page on the web site. Linda eventually took on the chore of entering the growing number of messages each month into the database. We introduced the MyBite page when it became apparent that we needed to allow each person to create and maintain their own bite report.

Bite patients and others can enter their bite reports and describe their experiences, treatments, long-term effects, etc. Patients and others can search these reports to answer specific questions about their own situation. By each patient keeping their bite reports up-to-date, accurate and complete, we can build a knowledge base for all to use. Pictures are very important. People who suspect they have been bitten can better identify their bites if they can compare their bite with those of others. Take pictures to track the progress of your bite.

As data about these bites grows perhaps analysis can produce advances in the awareness, understanding and treatment of these bites. More needs to be known about the effectiveness of certain medical treatments. Other reported issues need exploring such as recurring bites,  long-term effects and alternative treatments.

- Mark

The Bite
The "bullseye" several days after
being bitten on my elbow.
The Scar
Almost a year after the bite.

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