The House on the Land

The Wood

The house lives in a forest of white oak, red oak, black cherry, hickory, butternut, white birch, cedar, aspen, maple, sumac,  and more. We tried to bring the forest outside into the house with our choice of indigenous wood. To bring out the beauty of the wood requires craftsmanship, experience and the love of a job done well. We entrusted this job to our painting contractor "Who's Yer Painter?" and we were very pleased with the final results. "Who's Yer Painter?" is Tim Haddix and his father Ed. Tim and Ed have worked on many of the custom homes built by our general contractor R.L. Merlie, Co.

"Who's Yer Painter?"
Tim Haddix
115 W. Mullett St.
Portage, WI 53901
608 742-0351

Tim and Ed are not the only father and son team who have worked on our house. Bob Pulfer and his son Ernie are the masons. Gary Wertz and his son Travis are the heating contractors. If you are looking for a team that can deliver on quality, perhaps you should look for a team that can bring the experience of several generations to the job.

The picture below shows Tim Haddix putting some finishing touches on his work. The ceilings, posts and beams are pine. The soffit fascia is cherry. The door and window trim, stairs and cabinets are maple. The doors are birch. The few visitors we have had so far, invariably comment on the beauty of the woodwork as they enter the house.

painter_tim.jpg (33234 bytes)

Tim Haddix during the final inspection.

painter_tim2.jpg (20402 bytes)

Tim's father, Ed, is putting the final touches on the entry door. Thanks, guys, for the great job!

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