Worst Gov. Evers (D-WI) Extension of COVID-1984 Mandatory Mask Order is a Fraud!
Reporter: Mark Culverhouse 9/24/2020

Evers extended his Mandatory Mask "Order" two months until November 21, 2020. The August 1, 2020 "order" was supposed to expire on September 28, 2020.

It is time for citizens of Wisconsin to demand an investigation into the COVID-1984 Hoax. The State of Wisconsin and FakeNews have been reporting misleading, false and conflated information regarding the COVID-1984 plandemic.

Positive mouth/nose swab tests are meaningless because they simply measure tests, not symptoms, illnesses or deaths. Deaths of people for whatever cause of death are reported as "deaths among confirmed COVID cases". That means that they died of any cause of death, and simply tested positive at some time in the past for a mouth/nose swab test: NOT because they died from COVID-19.

As of today, Wisconsin has only 10 "probable" COVID deaths where COVID is listed on a death certificate by a doctor as the cause of death since March 2020. Wisconsin's population is 1.79% of the US. That means that all things being equal, not more than 503 deaths in America are "probable" COVID deaths.

However, the fact that only 10 "probable" deaths are listed by the state of Wisconsin also means that those deaths are probably outliers and are not correct. All evidence shows that COVID-19 is not deadly (does not kill children or healthy people) and does not cause any symptoms in 99% of people who test positive.

If doctors do not sign death certificates listing COVID-19 as the cause of death then why are you wearing masks? Publish the Death Certificates! Report the Evidence! COVID-1984 is a Deep State/Globalist/Democrat HOAX.