Reporting On COVID-19 Reporting
Reporter: Mark Culverhouse 9/7/2020


This is a report on the reporting of COVID-19 cases and deaths by the State of Wisconsin. The date range of the data analyzed is March 15, 2020 through September 6, 2020. This data has been the basis of media reporting and government legislation and orders. The data suggests that only 8 deaths in Wisconsin since March 30, 2020 had COVID-19 listed as the cause of death. CDC corrected data also states that only 10,233 of the 170,566 COVID-19 deaths nationally had COVID-19 listed as the cause of death.

The over-reporting of "COVID-19 deaths" due to conflating deaths caused by COVID-19 with deaths of people who tested positive for COVID-19 has led to decisions to isolate patients, suspend healthcare, shut down and limit businesses, spend large amounts of tax dollars, cause massive unemployment, close schools and mandatory orders for the public to wear masks and socially distance. The contents of this report are:

Definition of Terms
This section provides definitions of the following terms:

"confirmed COVID-19 case" - A "confirmed COVID-19 case" is someone testing positive for a nose (nasal) or mouth (oral) swab test. " A single nasopharyngeal (NP) swab is sufficient for testing (See expanded Testing section). " The Wisconsin Patient Information form is used to report to the patient's local public health agency.

Nasal Swab Test

The COVID-19 test specimen types from the Wisconsin Patient Information form are shown below.
Patient COVID Form

"probable COVID-19 case" - A probable COVID-19 case is a patient who has not tested positive, but may have been exposed to someone who has or may been exposed and gained immunity.

The definition of "COVID-19 probable case" is from the Wisconsin Department of Health Service "COVID-19: Wisconsin Cases" web page.

Probable Case Definition
"probable COVID-19 death" - A probable COVID-19 death is a patient who probably died of COVID-19 because their death certificate listed COVID-19 as a cause of death or that COVID-19 was listed as a significant contributing factor to the patient's death.

The definition of "COVID-19 probable death" is from the Wisconsin Department of Health Service "COVID-19: Wisconsin Deaths" web page.

Reporting of Probable COVID-19 Deaths
The total number of probable COVID-19 deaths in Wisconsin reported in the period from March 15, 2020 through September 6, 2020 is eight (8) as shown in the graph below from the web page .

Notice that the "Probable" value is selected for the "Select case confirmation status:" display setting. The default option is "Confirmed" which is discussed in the next section. The "Confirmed and probable" option is the sum of the "Confirmed" and the "Probable" totals.

Reporting of Deaths Among Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
Recall that "confirmed COVID-19 cases" are simply people who died that previously tested positive for a mouth/nose swab test.

Deaths among "confirmed COVID-19 cases" are not the same as people whose death certificates indicated that COVID-19 was a cause of death or a contributing condition. The cause of death among "confirmed COVID-19 cases" could be anything other than COVID-19. The total number of deaths among confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Wisconsin reported in the period from March 15, 2020 through September 6, 2020 is 1,168 as shown in the graphs below from the web page .

The graph below shows the cumulative of daily deaths among confirmed COVID-19 case. Notice the cumulative total of 1,168 on 9/6/2020, the last day of reporting. The average number of daily deaths among confirmed COVID-19 cases during the 160 days between March 30, 2020 and September 6, 2020 is seven (7).

March 30, 2020 was the first day that a death of a confirmed COVID-19 case was reported. On that day three (3) cases were reported. The online graph displays the total cumulative number of reported cases up to that day when the mouse is over the graph as shown below.

The graph below shows the distribution by age group of the 1,163 deaths among confirmed COVID-19 cases Notice that the "Confirmed" value is selected for the "Select case confirmation status": display setting. The "Confirmed" value is the default value that most people will see unless they change the setting. The total deaths among confirmed COVID-19 cases is 1,168; the same number displayed in the above graph of cumulative daily deaths among confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Surge of Deaths Among Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
There were only 8 "probable COVID-19 deaths", i.e., deaths where COVID-19 was listed as the cause of death by a healthcare provider on the death certificate. Therefore, it is obvious there was no surge in over 160 days of reporting.

The graph below plots a straight red line starting on March 30 when the first deaths among confirmed COVID-19 deaths were reported until September 6. The straight line closely follows the actual graphed data. This indicates that the average of 7 deaths per day was distributed fairly constantly. That indicates that there were no significant "surges" during the entire testing period.

There were no surges during the period that the COVID-19 virus was spreading exponentially through the Wisconsin population. The lack of any surge indicates that the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the Wisconsin population was minimal. The constant death rate implies that the deaths were independent of the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin.

It should be remembered that in the first days of the COVID-19 "pandemic", it was the expected "surges" that were used to justify the economic shutdown of healthcare facilities and to prevent the use of N95 masks by non-healthcare personnel in order to prepare healthcare facilities for surge of COVID-19 infections and the initial "estimates" of "2.2 million" COVID-19 deaths in America.

Gov. Evers (D-WI) August 1 Emergency Order #1
The Emergency Order #1 issued by Gov. Evers (D-WI) became effective on August 1, 2020. The order mandates wearing face masks. However, the same order "discourages" use of "N95 masks and other medical-grade supplies".

The governor mandates the use of masks that do not prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in order to preserve the "limited supplies of N95 masks. Preserving N95 masks was initially proposed to prepare for the "surge" which never occurred. There is no shortage of N95 masks in Wisconsin and hasn't been for months.

Gov. Evers (D-WI) mandates ineffective masks in his Emergency Order #1.

Non medical-grade masks such as the ones below sold at CostCo are clearly marked as not being effective for medical use.

There is no shortage of medical masks in Wisconsin based on data provided by Gov. Evers (D-WI) in April, 2020.

Analysis of Milwaukee County "COVID-19-Related" Deaths
A May 11, 2020 article "Overcounting COVID-19?" contains a link to a spreadsheet created by the Milwaukee Medical Examiners Office which contains detailed data on 193 deaths among "COVID-19-related" deaths in Milwaukee County. (See paragraph below from "Overcounting COVID-19?" article for definition of "COVID-19-related")

An analysis of that data is presented in the illustration below.

The 193 deaths represented 50.3% of all "COVID-19-related" deaths in the state of Wisconsin at that time. The data clearly shows that healthy people and young people were not dying from COVID-19. The deaths have an average of 2.56 co-morbidities, i.e., the deaths were due to other causes.

The image below shows the contents of the Milwaukee Medical Examiners data that you can download and view.

CDC COVID-19 Statistics Also Conflate Deaths Among COVID-19 Cases with COVID-19 Cause of Death
On August 29, 2020 an article, "SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers - Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone - Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses" was published that proves the CDC also conflated "deaths among COVID-19 cases" with "probable COVID-19 deaths". This is consistent with the fact that Wisconsin only has 8 probable COVID-19 deaths. It should not be a surprise since every state health department follows the CDC Guidlines for COVID-19 reporting.

The CDC web site similar to the Wisconsin Department of Health COVID-19 web pages that obscure this important information making it difficult for citizens to know the truth and easier for media misinformation to be believed.

On the CDC web page Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) you will see a section entitled "Comorbidities". In that paragraph notice the two sentences highlighted.

The first sentence states that only 6% of 170,566 "Deaths involving COVID-19" (same as Wisconsin's term "probable COVID-19 deaths") have COVID-19 listed as the cause of death.

The second sentence states that there were "2.6 additional conditions or causes per death" which precisely matches the 2.56% average comorbidities that I calculated above from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiners spreadsheet data from May, 2020.


The image below shows the expanded Table 1 section which displays the total of deaths among confirmed COVID-19 cases as 170,566 as of September 2, 2020 in the US.

Since only 6% of the 170,566 had an actual cause of death listed as COVID-19, only 10,233 deaths were caused by COVID-19 in the US. from 2/1/2020 to 8/29/2020. (6% of 170,566 is .06 x 170,566 = 10,233)

CDC Table 1>

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Accuracy of COVID-19 Testing and Death Counting
There have been many articles questioning the accuracy of COVID-19 mouth and nose swab test which indicate a high percentage of false positives. There are also articles questioning how deaths attributed to COVID-19 are determined which indicate overcounting the number of COVID-19 deaths.

Just as the State of Wisconsin and other US states follow the same CDC reporting guidelines, the US and other countries are in turn follwing same UN World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 reporting guidelines.

"Dead" Virus Cells Frequently Trigger "False Positives" In Most Common COVID Test, New Study Finds"

"We could be vastly overestimating the death rate for COVID-19. Here's why"

This report analyzed and presented publicly available data from the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services, the Milwaukee Medical Examiners Office and the US Center for Disease Control.

The data was all found to be consistent. However, it also indicated that the data has been obscured and conflated. Deaths of people who simply tested positive for COVID-19 virus present in their mouth or nose were conflated with deaths of people where a medical provider listed COVID-19 as the actual cause of death.

The media consistently chose not to report the data in a meaningful way to the public, but instead conflated the data to cause fear and alarm.

Political officials and the medical industry also chose to propagate media misinformation to further a false narrative of a pandemic.

The result has been devastating to people's lives, education, the economy and medical care. The political and media climate are continuing to push the COVID-19 narrative to disrupt elections and the daily life of every American.

Every American must rationally examine and understand the data to find the truth for themselves.