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Save Troy Way of Life - Who Are They?

By Mark Culverhouse 9/6/2020

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The SaveTroyWayofLife.org web site sprung up recently to support a small Anti-Gun group opposed to the Solid State Tactical (SST) Recreational Shooting Club in the Town of Troy.

The web site claims to want to "Save Troy Way of Life" and that "Our lives would never be the same" if there was a modern recreational shooting club in the Town of Troy or Sauk County. That's quite a claim to make. But who are they?

Their web site is organizing opponents to sign an online petition to lobby the Town of Troy and Sauk County officials to shut down the SST shooting club. They want to know your name, email address and "Are you a Town of Troy resident or property owner?" and "Are you a Sauk County resident or property owner?" However, their web site is anonymous.

We don't know for sure who is behind the web site, but we do know the group that is leading the Anti-Gun group in the Town of Troy and Sauk County. The minutes of the August 24 Plan Commission were published by the Town of Troy and you can read them . The minutes lists the people who spoke in opposition to SST shooting club.

Mary Burke (D-WI)

A leadering opponent is Mary Burke (D-WI) a well-known political figure in Wisconsin. She served on the Madison School Board and recently moved to the Town of Troy. Mary Burke was the Democrat candidate when she ran unsuccessfully against former Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) in the 2014 Recall election.

Mary Burke (D-WI)
Mary Burke (D-WI)
Leader of Gun Opponents
Tyler Hartjes (SST) and Mary Burke (D-WI)
Tyler Hartjes (SST) and Mary Burke (D-WI)
w/COVID mask at Plan Commission meeting

WSJ August 2, 2012 - "Madison School Board member Burke spent $128,000 to win seat"

"Madison School Board member Mary Burke spent more than $128,000 on her spring campaign "all of it her own" surpassing by far the most spent in recent city school board elections, according to available data."

WSJ July 6, 2019 - "Mary Burke leaves Madison School Board after seven years"

"Burke, whose family founded Trek Bicycle Corp., left the Waterloo-based company 15 years ago."

"First elected to the School Board in 2012, Burke sought out and won the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination, but lost to incumbent Gov. Scott Walker that fall in the general election. She was the first woman to receive a major party nomination for governor in state history."

Mary Burke spoke against the SST shooting club at the Plan Commission hearing. The Plan Commission Minutes summarized Mary Burke's comments:

"Mary Burke- Spoke out against rezoning and the building of a shooting range proposed by Solid State Tactical. She said it feels like they are trying to pull one over on us. Concerned with the noise, negative impact on property values, wildlife impact, and the distance of the range and the possibility of stray bullets. Doesn't believe big business belongs on Ag Zoned Land."

Web site "Take Action" Buttons"

John McKnight

John McKnight, a neighbor of Mary Burke, also spoke at the Plan Commission meeting.

"John McKnight- Spoke out against the rezoning and building of a shooting range proposed by Solid State Tactical. He said it goes against the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Troy."

John McKnight is also well known in Chicago Democrat politics as a "community organizer". Mr. McKnight is a follower of Saul Alinksy author of the book "Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals" . His web site is johnmcknight.org/.

"McKnight returned to Chicago and began working for several activist organizations, including the Chicago Commission for Human Relations, the first municipal civil rights agency. There he learned the Alinsky trade called community organizing. This was followed by the directorship of the Illinois American Civil Liberties Union, where he organized local chapters throughout the state."

Jill Metcoff

Jill Metcoff, a neighbor of Mary Burke and John McKnight, had a letter read at the Plan Commission meeting.

"Jill Metcoff- (Brian Hanson read a statement she emailed to him) She doesn't believe that a range of that distance is necessary. Wed be setting a precedent. Property values would be negatively impacted. Route 60 is a Rustic Rd. Concerned with the sound and safety of the guns and the impact on the wildlife. Dane County already has a training facility. Shes also wondering who all will be involved in owning the range."

Jill is a "resident" of the Town of Troy or at least she votes here. Even though she is registered to vote in Chicago, too.

Jill Votes in Town of Troy

Jill is registered in Chicago

Just a reminder that this is an election year. Make sure you are following the election laws because voter fraud is a serious issue and investigations are being done.


Voter fraud


Voter fraud penalty


"There were 8 people who seem to have voted at the polls in Wisconsin on Election Day, and then drove across the state line to vote again in Illinois. Only three of them were from border counties. The rest came from Milwaukee, Dane, and Racine Counties."

Conclusion: We don't know who owns the web site that: but perhaps some of the Anti-Shooting Club supporters will contact the people behind the web site and ask them to identify themselves. Meanwhile I will continue to report on this web site, its questionable claims/content and Anti-Gun agenda.

Please Contact the Town of Troy Supervisors to Express Your Support for the SST Gun Club Today