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Reporter: Mark Culverhouse 9/5/2020

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The opponents of the SST gun club have created a web site called "" Their extremist message is that a recreational gun club is a threat to the way of life of the residents of the Town of Troy: "extreme", "Our lives would never be the same", "Hundreds of cars on the unfamiliar twists and turns of our own WI Scenic Byway poses additional danger".

Please view their web site and decide for yourself if a state-of-the-art, modern recreational facility is a threat to the residents and "our way of life". Or is it, in fact, the right location, the right design and the right time for a facility that will help the tourist economy of the Spring Green area and is a project that all of Sauk County can be proud.

Although the web site does not identify who they are, the minutes of the August 24 Town of Troy Plan Commission Meeting clearly identifies a leading opponent as Mary Burke (D-WI) who ran for governor against Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) in the 2014 recall election.

Mary Burke (D-WI)
Mary Burke (D-WI)
Leading Gun Club Opponent
Tyler Hartjes (SST) and Mary Burke (D-WI)
Tyler Hartjes (SST) and Mary Burke (D-WI)
w/COVID mask at Plan Commission meeting


Solid State Tactical Recreational Gun Club

Shooting Stations
The state-of-the-art design of the shooting tables directs all noise down range, away from Highway 60. The basement of the building is a 150 yard pistol and rifle shooting range.

SST Contact: Ty Hartjes 608-445-7887

View The SST Documents:

Below is a close-up drawing of the SST Gun Club buildings, parking lot and shooting ranges. All of the buildings and ranges are 60 feet above the level of Highway 60 reducing noise.

Site Plan

Below is an extended drawing of the buildings, parking lot and shooting ranges. The ranges lie within the natural straight, level, wooded valley which deflect and absorb noises.


Below is an aerial photo of SST Gun Club range property. Despite the exaggerated claims by the Save Troy Way of Life opposition, an aerial photograph clearly shows few homes within a mile of the SST Club property. The neighboring farm will continue to lease the 113 acres of tillable soil. The natural rural and agricultural character of the area will be preserved.

Ringelstetter Property

Below is an aerial photo of the Spring Green Rod and Gun Club and SST Gun Club property. The Save Troy Way of Life opposition to the SST Gun Club claims that the SST Gun Club site is "Extreme" and dangerous even though the existing Spring Green Rod and Gun is only 1 mile from the Spring Green Village limits. The truth is that the location of the SST Gun Club is ideally suited for a gun club. The extremist Anti-Gun arguments of the Save Troy Way of Life group represent a threat to every rifle range in Sauk County and do not represent OUR way of life.

Spring Green Rod and Gun Club

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