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August 24 Plan Commission Meeting
Reporter: Mark Culverhouse

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Tyler Hartjes and Mary Burke
SST's Tyler Hartjes in sunglasses speaking.
Mary Burke (D-WI), Leader of the Anti-Gun Opponents, sitting with improperly fitted 'COVID-1984' mask.

A few days before the August 24 Plan Commission Meeting, I was informed that the SST Gun Club Proposal was on the agenda : "10. Solid State Tactical- (Pete Reed) 711 Lois Dr. Sun Prairie, WI 53590 (608-445-6061)- Wants to build a rifle range".

I was also informed that speakers would be allowed to speak for five minutes if they called the Chairman Brian Hanson. I called Brian and left a voice message that I was requesting to speak on the SST Gun Club proposal.

At 9 AM the next day I received a call from Brian. He said, "I guess you are concerned about the gun range." I replied, "Well, I am not concerned. I want to speak in favor of it." Brian told me that I was the first one he had called back and that I would probably be the first speaker.

On the night of the meeting, I was not the first speaker. In fact after most of the opponents had finished speaking, I walked up to the Chairman and told that I had requested to speak. I asked if he was going to call on me. He looked through his written lists of speakers and stated that he must have lost the paper with my name on it.

I waited until the speaker before me finished and then read my statement. Afterwards a couple of other people were allowed to speak in favor. The Home FakeNews article "Shooting Range proposed in Town of Troy meeting" failed to mention the speakers who spoke in favor of the SST Gun Club.

Comments in Favor of SST Gun Club From the Plan Commission Minutes :

-Mark Culverhouse- Spoke in favor of the rezone and building of a shooting range proposed by Solid State Tactical. He said it would support local businesses, provide gun training and safety, and it is well planned and needed.

-Craig Raschein- He asked if everyone that is speaking out against the rezone and shooting range would be in favor of a large dairy going in there?

-Brad Hasheider- Spoke in favor of the rezone and shooting range proposed by Solid State Tactical. He understands the concerns voiced by others, but believes the wildlife will get used to the noise. Understands the lead concerns and stated the SP Trap Club reclaims the shots. There will be less noise than when people are hunting and would like to have a place like this to go and shoot.

After all discussion was completed the Plan Commission voted on a motion to "Not Recommend" the SST Gun Club proposal to the Town Board. The votes were:

Read the Minutes of the August 24 Town of Troy Plan Commission Meeting .

Please Contact the Town of Troy Supervisors to Express Your Support for the SST Gun Club Today

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