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Highway 60 - News, Articles and Events Along the Scenic Byway
Editor: Mark Culverhouse

9/25/2020 - No Masks! No Social Distancing! No Deaths! No Pandemic!

CDC/FakeNews False Claim of 200,000 COVID Deaths is Fake Science Computer Model - NOT Death Certificates Signed by Doctors!
It's Time to End the Lock Down of America. It's Time to Face Reality!
It's Time to Investigate the Biggest/Costliest Hoax in American History!

9/24/2020 - Worst Gov. Evers (D-WI) Extension of COVID-1984 Mandatory Mask Order is a Fraud!

Report the Evidence! Publish the Death Certificates! End the Fake Emergency!

9/23/2020 - COVID-1984 - The End of Intimacy, Sanity, Humanity

COVID-1984 Police

The Police, "Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make, I'll Be Watching You!"

9/16/2020 - BLM "Hyena Attacks"

BLM Attacks

Violent Democrat BLM Attacks on Americans and Trump Supporters

9/15/2020 - Salem Witch Hunt II - TDS Mask Nazis

Salem Witch Hanging

Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome Attacks on Freedom-Loving Americans

9/13/2020 - The COVID-1984 Anti-Masker Movement


Rational People Are Revolting Against 24/7 FakeNews Propaganda

9/9/2020 - God, Guns and COVID - The Persecution of Helbachs Coffee Shop


A Tale of Anti-Christian, Anti-Gun & COVID-Mask Fanatics

Exclusive Report!

9/7/2020 - Reporting On COVID-19 Reporting

COVID-19 Reporting

If only 8 people have died of COVID-19 in Wisconsin since March 30, 2020 then
Why are you still wearing a mask?

9/6/2020 - Election 2020 - Political Signs Along Highway 60

Political Signs

9/5/2020 - Solid State Tactical: Recreational Shooting Club

Sign the Petition for the SST Recreational Shooting Club!

SST Shooting Club

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